Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Stuff!

So hey! Here's some stuff that has happened in the past while!

Some media people from the church came to the ship! I wasn't doing anything at the time so I helped them out. I basically was their run around boy, I'd run down to the Personal Affairs Office if they forgot a mic cord or a tripod knuckle or a reflector or something like that. then I'd help them set stuff up and show them how to get places, cause this ship's quite confusing if you haven't been here a while. And then they inteveiwed us! most of us at least, I got to be outside in the wind and stuff :) Cause they'd already done some videoing in 2Aft, where I work, and in the Hotel ward which looks alot like 2Aft. They were filming for a segment in the World Report this next conference, So be sure to watch it! I'll probably be in it!

When we were underway between Tumaco, Colomba and El Salvador we saw a bunch of Dolphins! A bunch of times! It was way awesome, they'd come right up by the bow of the ship and jump out of the water, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time! I think there were at least 15 of them, you could see them swimming underwater too. There was a mom and baby too, it was really cute they'd both jump at exactly the same time. And I saw a sea turtle the same day! It was probably about two feet across, and it came really close the the front of the ship underwater and kinda flailed around, heh. I think it was probably riding the surf off the bow.

My spanish has gotten alot better! It's still pretty pathetic, but better than before! Which was about nothing.. But now I can greet people several ways, give directions, tell people when and where to sit, ask them what they want to eat and drink, tell them what I'm doing when I take their vital signs, ask if they're in pain, and where it hurts... and any combination of the above! Apparently I have a good accent when I speak spanish cause the patients and their escorts never know I don't speak more then I do. They often ask me long questions or give me detailed descriptions of what type of pain they have and I just look at them quizzically and say " intiendo" and then they try agin but explaining diffently until I say "no no no, no intiendo espanol" That always gets a good laugh "no intiende espanol? No hable??" Or the other night I was talking to another corpsman (the navy guys that do the same thing as me) named Crain, and an escort came up to talk to him but first asked me "como se dice 'el quiere gelatino'?" which means "he wants jello", I just laughed, cause crain speaks more than I do. heh heh.

So yeah! that's somewhat of an update for ya!


Camille said...

CJ! You need to blog more! I love hearing your stories, you're such a dork :) That's my way of saying i'm jealous. In case you're wondering. Hopefully if you and the fam come out to California when you get home I'll be able to see you before your farewell. Good stuff! Love ya! Be safe! Ciao!

Once apon a time. said...

You're amazing Cj!! Glad you're coming home soon!!

Hanna Banana said...

Hey bro! I love hearing your stories! I can't believe it's almost time for you to come home, but I'm excited to hear more stories. Keep up the Spanish, I love hearing other language stories:)

Bethanie said...

Que bueno, CJ! And it's "entiendo" from the root entender. Anyway, I love hearing about your adventures out there in the crazy world! When do you head home?

Siege eh said...

oh right right, thanks Beth :) I learn most of my spanish by ear.

I'm heading home July 20th!

JoAnn said...

Hey! That's good to know! Two weeks. Yay! I hope you're still writing lots in your journal. There was a big article on the Church online News Report about the boat with a few pictures and a short video, but none of them had you in it. Is that what you helped with?