Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Call

CJ Christensen has hereby been called to serve in the Rome, Italy mission.

Awesome!!!! Is that too easy or what? I already speak the language pretty good, and I know how the people are and the culture and stuff. So I won't have to struggle with all that! I'll be able to grow and do more of what I need to!

In case anybody doesn't know this already my some of the family (myself included) lived in the Rome, Italy mission for a year, nearly three years ago! So It's like I'm going home!


dawnanne said...


Anonymous said...

CJ that's awesome!!! COngrats! I'm so excited for you! So incredidbly jealous at the same time I would love to go to italy!

Jayne said...

Just wanted to tell you that Emmy and I have watched the Call Movie a dozen times and I've cried every time:)

Can you imagine what I'll be like when Jonah leaves?!

Jayne said...

I like CJ too on the big mission. Hmm hmm hmm. I love you See Jay!

Jayne said...

So why is it weird that you miss us, Seige? We missed you right after you left!
Very cute of you to admit though:)

Once apon a time. said...

CJ, I'm so excited for you!!! I know you must be just so happy!! Good luck, you'll be missed!!