Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are now in the Pacific Ocean!
Guess how we got here! Yes, the Panama Canal. It was quite awesome. did you know that there's a camera by each of the locks so you can watch the ships go through? I was going to call and tell everybody I could find but the phones and internet were down all day!!

So the canal was really awesome, first of all when I woke up we were already in the lake part, which I think has more islands then water. And all of the island just look like a big pile of jungle plopped in the water, lots and lots of greeness. Then we got to the Miraflores lock, the third lock. And the Ship is so big that it barely fit! it only had maybe a foot and a half on each side, and not much space on the front or back either.

So I think I like the Pacific better than the Atlantic, the ship rocks alot more :) We had an abandon ship drill today where everybody has to get a life jacket, be wearing long-sleeves and a cover (hat), and go up to the flight deck to muster (take roll). So while we were all hanging out up there with nothing to do (One of the things the navy is best at is "hurry up and wait") I sat down cross-legged with my eyes closed and just felt the wind and the rocking of the ship :) It was very relaxing. heh, I'm surprised I didn't get any hippy comments afterwards.

So I have a picture here of the ship going through the lock, but it's an .xps file so I don't think I can get it on here... Anybody know how to convert .xps to .jpg?


Jayne said...

Gr: So interesting, Siege. I'm so glad you are keeping us in contact with your travels. How come you're over in the Pacific? Are you going to go on to the Cook Islands, or Hawaii, or Niue?
I'm sure Jayne the Blog Queen can help you convert .xps to .jpg, she can do everything else.
So happy you are having all these experiences! Love, Gr

Mac said...

Hey seige, email me that file, and I'll convert it for you.

Siege eh said...

I'm just in the Central American part the Pacific. In Tumaco, Colombia! Though I wouldn't mind going to Niue...