Friday, May 29, 2009

Panama, night shift, future?

So I am working night shift here in Panama! It's interesting, I've never done a night shift before, but for some reason they gave me tonight off, so I'm just hanging out by myself, wide awake at 0100... I like working nights though, it's pretty chill, we just hang out and do little projects that need doing that can't get done during the day because it's so busy. and then we wake up the patients every four hours to take their vitals and check up on them.
I got to push some drugs last night, that was pretty fun :) I just hooked up the syringe to their IV and squeezed it in over three minutes time. It was Toradol, which is an anti-inflammatory, and it burns the veins when it goes in, that's why I had to push it slowly.

I'm thinking of moving here to Panama after my mission, we have an LDS guy named Sione here on the ship for the week as a translator, he lives here but he grew up in Utah and Australia, he served his mission here and moved here after. He's been telling me all about living here in Panama as an American, he says if you speak english (specially if you're american) you can get a job anywhere you want, as a manager or anything, and they'll pay American salary. And the price of living is reaally low, like $3 for a pair of jeans. Because it's So. America, but mostly because they get everything really cheap from the ships going through the canal! And they have a few american colleges here with really low tuition, so hey I could get some schooling done too!
Oh and they use the US dollar here , so that makes things easy :) And that's all just a rough overview of everything! I don't put down all the deets ya know?
So I'm thinkin this would be a nice place to be after my missioin... :)


JoAnn said...

Well, that's sounds extremely fun! Make sure you have contact info for people down there and keep in contact. You are making me want to go down there so bad.

Jayne said...

Wow, Suze. That sounds super cool. And seriously, this world is huge. The Ogden Valley is pretty much perfect, but it will always be there when you come back! So will we!

Camille said...

Umm.... Can I join you? :D

Siege eh said...

Sure!! Sione, my friend here, said to bring the whole family!

Bethanie said...

Hey CJ--what cool stuff! So fun to read about your experiences. The world is big! Keep doing good!

Hanna Banana said...

ok, fine, I guess I'll go, if I have to! (Feel the sarcasm?) Sounds like your having fun, keep up the good work!