Monday, May 25, 2009

Exerpts fom the Journal

So hey everybody, every time I sit down to do some bloggin I have too much in my head and none of it comes out! So I'm going to type up a day or two out of my journal!

May 20 - 2313
Colombia! Cartagena to be specific. I love it already! Such a beautiful place!
I'm staying in the Hotal Caribe which is right across the street from the beach! It's not the prettiest beach, not like other caribbean places I've been to, but the water is super nice and the sand feels soo good!

May 21 - 2354
Woohoo fun place :) Mi gusto mucho!
(here there is a drawing of me in some sweet sunglasses I got) I got a bunch of stuff, ate some good food, hung out with some good friends, saw some neat places. Great!
So this morning we were planning on going the castle tour at 0830 but when we got to the BLZ, which is the naval base, only three of the eight of us had our IDs, so we got some taxis and went to the old city! Which was way awesome might I say. We had a tour guy show us all the old historic places around the city, he really knew his stuff! We saw things like the biggest church in the city, which used to be a monastery but is now the University. And the Santo Domingo cathedral.. looks like a big Catholic cathedral! wow cool huh.
And we hung out on the beach some... Me, Ash, Mindy and Brad.
Then I have "I fell asleep" written across the rest of the page

May 23 - 1056
hmm... too much to say...
Juanes is coming to the ship! in case you don't know who Juanes is he's pretty much the most popular singer in latin-America! way awesome.
I got this sweet arm-band from a street vendor it looks like this: (a drawing of a strip of leather with little squiggly lines and a big peace sign) it's leather and the two ends lace together with an elastic string.
My mind is kinda all over irght now.. and apparently I'm a bit dyslexic right now too.
We were walking around the old city one night- Me, Jenna, Min 'n Ash, Ali, Diane, Brad, Kirsten (Jenna's mom), Rachel... I think Rob... Bro. Rix... and we all went to dinner together but then it was a Pizz/Pasta restaurant so a bunch of people left to find some ethnic foods. So the leftovers (me, min 'n Ash, sloane, Rachel, Bro Rix) walked to a place where you could get up on the wall (this was after dinner) and walked down as far as we could along the walkway place up there. Then we came to where changed to just a wall, about two feet wide. Maybe less. And Bro. Rix just just climbed right up and kept waling down the wall! SO we all folled *I'm sure I meant to say followed here* behind :) Well Mindy and Kirsten didn't... Mindy's afraid of heights and Kiesten's a bit older. It's was like... 100 meters? That was fun. Then where it became normal again there's a bar/restaurant called Cafe' del Mar which is really spendy. So we just hung out at the base of the wall and talked with some vendors there. One younger guy was selling stuff that looked really original, he said he makes it all himself! Mindy made good friends with him (like she does with everybody, lol :) ) and got some cool bracelet things.
While they were chattin I noticed a nice looking yellow coconut hangn out in a nearby tree so I decided --Hang on this is a good song--
Sorry, that was Be Here Now by, Ray LaMontagne. Good song.
So anyway! I decided to climb the tree and pick said coconut! The tree was only like... 4 meters high? And the coconut came off after only a couple twists :) it's a big'n.
I think we're gonna eat it today :) it heavy too, I carried it around town the rest of the night :)
My left hand is strong again! From carrying food trays like a waiter :)
So I was able to palm the coconut for a bit at a time.

There you go!


Jayne said...

Hey Suze! Great to hear from you. I wanted to inform you that everyone in this house (I'm at Mom's right now) has read your post and told everyone else to read your post and really enjoyed your post and even though no one has Commented, they've read it! What's with the lack of commentary in the blogging world? The STRANGEST people ever tell me they've seen my blog, but I have no idea when because they didn't comment!

Here endeth my venting.

Sounds like you're doing great, Siege. I'm so proud of you. Emmy's been talking about you a lot lately, think she misses you. Maybe we'll send you some of her drawings.
Love you!

JoAnn said...

That Elic is the cutest little girl. I can't believe the experiences you're having. Too cool. I hope you can remember it all. the journaling is super great.

dawn anne said...

LOVE the details, siege eh! thanks for sharing your journal entries! What fantastic experiences you are having--we are all sooo envious.
your friend thru mindy,
dawn anne.

Camille said...

Hey Squige, nice journaling, i'm proud :) Keep it up! Ciao!

Siege eh said...

Hey! Thanks everybody! 'Specially Jayne! It's wonderful to know that people actually read this stuff! Maybe now I'll post more often! :)
that would be so awesome if I got some pictures from emmy :D I would stick them on the wall by my rack, or the ceiling, cause that's closer.

And uh.. Mom, Ellic is a boy, hahaha.