Friday, May 1, 2009

Santo Domingo

I made it to back to the Dominican Republic!
Our flight came in at 7:30 though, and they don't have boats to the ship after dark, so we're staying at the Marriot here in Santo Domingo.
When we got to the hotel the LDS guy that picked us up from the airport asked us if we wanted to go see the temple! So we did! It's only a few blocks from here, and it is Beautiful.
I took a few pictures.

I was standing waiting for the elavator here and the guy who took our luggage was waiting too and he asked me "Habla espanol?" and I said "No... Yo hablo Italiano" and he said "Oh. Io Parlo Italiano, y pocito ingles"
so that was neat :)

And while I was home I got an SD reader so now I'll be able to move my pictures off my camera! And do things with them! like posting! yay!^_^
So hopefully I'll have pictures of the temple on here tomorrow.

A Domani!

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