Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hey everyfolks, I didn't realize how long it'd been since I posted last!
Angie is awesome to the maximum
Just thought I'd throw that in there ya know.

So we're anchored off the west coast of Antigua now, it's pretty much beautiful. Looks like an island, with the mountains all covered in greeness, then a bar of sand with cliffs breaking it up here and there, and some houses in the trees. Which I wouldn't mind owning... heh

I got to go ashore yesterday! Which was great because up until yesterday we didn't have any patients on the ship. booooring.
So we have this big cataramaran (that's alot of A's eh? reminds me of a canada joke...) that pulls up along side the ship and everybody loads on. It's way nicer than the little boats that we've been using in Haiti and the D.R., those only held maybe 20 people, but this big'n holds probably 60 or somemore. And it's really slow so you get a nice long ride around to the north side of the island, which looks more like a place we'd be working (has poverty) but it's still the cleanest place I've been ashore to so far. And then we went in busses (little ones) to The Multi Cultural Exhibition Center, very nice building, to sort patients and do checkups, dental work, optometry, the like. But yesterday at that place they were over-staffed because on thursday they were under-staffed, so I spent alot of time escorting patients around or just asking people what I could do to help.

And I got a real MRE for lunch (not the training ones we've been using). I added up all the protien from all the different items, 35 grams of protien!! wheew, I'm not deficient anymore, for suure. Or at least for yesterday I wasn't

So yeah! That's my ranting for the day, how does it compare to your day yesterday? ;)


Caleb said...

This is Jayne, not Caleb:

Can we get a little more info on this Angie character?

Diana said...

I have a friend whose family buys MREs for their food storage. They say it's short for "Meals Rejected by Ethiopians". Do they really taste that bad?

Siege eh said...

Angie is one of the LDS ladies aboard, she's like my big sister, she was sitting next to me when I was writing that so she told me to put something in about how awesome she is, heh.

MREs aren't really that bad, they have their own heating system included in the meal so it's hot :) And I've heard they used to taste alot worse than they do now.
We were talking about using them for food storage, good ideah eh?

Jayne said...

Posted by Gr N, not Jayne:
Thanks for sharing all this info with us, Siege. Your life is more interesting than mine.