Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alright! I'm doing another post! Amazing I know. Does anybody still check this thing?
So I've been prepping for the mission! Pretty fun stuff, I got the suits (Mr Mac's) and the shirts, and the shoes, and the haircut, and some sweet Burton luggage. And so yeah, it's gonna be good! I went to the Ogden temple last week, pretty amazing that! I report to the ol' MTC this Wednesday at 12:30 o'clock. In the middle of the day, not the night. mhhmm.

I think I'ma have Mamma Mia post some of the emails that I send to home on here, so y'all can be updated and I don't have to write the same letter to everybody! ;) If you do care to letter me, I'll allow that too... My mission address will be:
Elder Cory Joseph Christensen
Italy, Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Roma, Italia

And I don't have the MTC po box # I'll be using, as of this time.


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JoAnn said...

Here's his MTC address:
Elder Cory Joseph Christensen
MTC Mailbox #332
ITA-ROM 1117
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793