Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Letters From CJ!!

Hey everyone, this is actually Hanna and I will be posting CJ's letters for him throughtout his mission so here in his first one:

Ciao a tutti!
This MTC place is still pretty much awesome!
I've seen Jordy a bunch of times, but not for a while... Is he still here? Boh! But there are 8 people here from the O.V.! We all took a picture by the giant map.

I've been learning alot about teaching by the spirit and listening for what to say! It's really amazing! We plan out the lesson, what we're going to say, but sometimes other things just slip in your mind and you don't always know why, but you say them and it really touches the people! Even though everybody we teach is already a member, most have served missions, and they're just pretending.
One time we were in class with Fratello Silva -our teacher who just got home from his mission in Roma six months ago- and he said Ok I want you guys to teach Me, not me pretending to be an investigator, and so we prepared for 5 minutes and I found a scripture D&C 6:20 and while we were teacing him I had him read that (we hadn't been teaching him the lesson at all, we'd been talking mostly about the Plan of Salvation and we'd told him a couple stories of things from home) and when he read it he teared up, and told us about some hard things he's been trying to figure out in his life lately. That was absolutely amazing!
I definitely know now that the spirit's awesome :) and that you can't pray enough! I tried counting how many times we prayed yesterday and I lost count at 15 :) awesome!

So yeah! things are good. I did join the choir, that's fun! and I'm way excited about General Conference! I wanna see how much more I can get out of it with the awesomely powerful spirit here :D I haven't heard how long I'll be here yet, most likely the full nine weeks, which is fine, I'm learning everyday! My Companions A. Wright and A. Mercado are both really great! as DL I have to write a report letter to the mission president every week and tell him any concerns we have had that week, but I couldn't think of anything!! We're all pretty chill, friendly. I'm definitely the most talkative of we three.. A. Mercado is very good at planning and being on time though, so that's good for me :) He's a writer and he speaks French, so italian's easy for him to pick up, grammar wise. And A. Wright... He's learning really fast :) he speaks some German and some Russian, so those don't help much with Italian, haha! And he likes to lay on the floor while he studies.

Welp, hey my 30 minutes are up!
Ciao! Ci Parliamo alla prossima!

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