Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Real First Letter

So I got the letters mixed up and this is actually the first letter. Not to be confusing or anything haha.

Hey everybody at home!!
This place is totally awesome! The spirit is way strong all the time. And even stronger sometimes! Like when we're "practice teaching" or in a fireside. My companions are really great! We're a threesome, and they recently changed stuff so the districts are smaller, so we ended up being a whole district just ourselves :) And this sunday they called me to be the District Leader or "DL" There are 17 missionaries total, here, all one branch. Seven of us got here last week, I think 8 of the others are leaving in two weeks! So we'll be all by our newish lonesomes for a day... My Companion Anziano Mercado is from Michigan and he speaks pretty good french, so he's picking up Italian way fast. Anziano Wright on the other hand speaks some German and Russian, so italian is way new for him, heh. He says piccolo like it's a german word. He's from Oregan :)

I've seen Elder Steinagel a few times! He's pretty funny :) He weirded out Mercado the first time we saw him, haha. ( is short for Anziano, which is Elder in Italian) His dinner and mine overlap 15 minutes, so I usually see him just before I leave.

I've seen... two Sisters and four other Elders from our Stake here! Including Sister Story (Natalie) and Elder Martin (Dustin) I don't know most of the other's names though...

My teachers are both way totally awesome, Fratello Silva served in Roma and F.llo Tarwater in Milano, so they both have alot of different experiences and all that whatnot :)

Oh and hey there's this website called and I'm not sure how it works but somehow you write a letter or email on there and it gets printed off and comes here as a letter the same day! Pretty neat stuff this technology.

So yeah! thanks for the letters all y'all who wrote me!


Hanna Banana said...

Everyone who reads this, feel free to leave comments for CJ, I think he can look at this

Laura said...

Hey CJ glad to hear your mission is going well. Can you email me your address in the mission? I hope it is all you wanted it to be. Youre an awesome young man, I look forward to checking back so I can see how you are doing. God bless.
Laura Young ( Go April Angels)PS.. Got a call a few days ago they are interviewing for Mercy mission. Not sure of all the needs yet so still waiting on Navy so say. I am so excited church has been invited again. It will be awesome for all who do get to go.