Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know this is long, but you want to read at least the second story here

Soo, here I am aboard a giant rocking cradle full of many many various military personel from several countries and posts!
My first job I was assigned is in the 2 Aft ward where patients go after having their procedures done. There I am a runner so I run up and down several flights of stairs to get orders for medicines in, and to get blood samples where they need to be and awesome stuff like that! Wheew! but I haven't done it yet, we get to Haiti tomorrow morning and then the fun begins.
They say Haiti will be our stop with the most need. So the most patients, the hardest patients because they live in such poverty so they won't know showers and toilets, and things that are normal every day comodities for us, and the hardest language, Creol which is like french with some spanish mixed in!

The best part of all.
I was walking down the hall on the Main Deck on my way to an LDS devotional we were about to have- this was a couple hours ago- and Commander Ware, who is LDS, stopped me and said "Stand down a minute CJ" so I stopped. and then he asked me how tall I am (6 foot) and said come with me! So we went to his office place and he intruduced me to a tooth costume he owns! Then he explained to me that he wants me to wear it in a presentation they're doing this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a hospital in Haiti! Isn't that AWESOME?! I am so stoked. apparantly the church donated thousands of toothbrushes to this trip!
Most of the people in the Wards (where I work) will be going ashore only for 1 8-hour shift but it's looking like I get to go Three Times!!

So I'll be posting some pictures probably monday night or tuesday sometime ^_^

~CJ, "the Tooth Monster"


Jayne said...

Too long? It was too short! I'm so excited to follow your adventures from the comfort of my squishy black chair:)
Tooth costume as in you look like a giant tooth? Yeah that is pretty sweet.
Keep blogging!

Mac said...

That's the coolest! I'm excited for pictures of this.

Mac said...

Is it a costume with teeth on it, or like a giant tooth suit?

Siege eh said...

Haha ok, I'll be sure to make more long posts :)

And yeah It's one big tooth with a smiley face on it, with my arms sticking out the sides

Diana said...

I speak French and have heard Creole and even though Creole comes from French I can't understand a lick of it.