Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Minor Frustrations

So yesterday I went ashore as The Tooth! it was pretty great :) and hot too. But today, Jenna was going to go instead of me so she could get a chance to go ashore, cause she works in the Library and they don't have much use for Librarians on land... But! CDR Drayton forget to change her Manifest from yesterday so I was on it instead of Jenna, so they called my name over the loudspeaker this morning at 0530 and Galmiche woke me up with a strong french accent. And I still missed the boat, so today there is no Tooth!
And Jenna was way bummed last night. So I'm going to see if she can swap me out for tomorrow and do the third day. And then tomorrow they're looking for people to help out with a ceremony thing and hand over supplies that the church has donated. So I won't be without something to do all day!
So it's all a good plan to me! Lets see if the Navy follows along.

CDR = Commander
Manifest = the list of people going ashore
Galmiche = A French-army guy that I work with


Kate said...

CJ i happen to be very jealous of this adventure of yours. When Jayne told me about it i was ready to hop on board.I'm definitely going to be reading your blog all the time and living vicariously.

Um, if you happen to meet any nice, single, LDS navy guys aboard that ship... I am still single. Just saying... ;-)

Jayne said...

Thank you for the Legend at the bottom - I personally was a little confused until I got there. Then I had to read it all over again. I'm not complaining, I'm thanking.

Good luck persuading the United States Navy, Suze

Jayne said...

Adah... whine! ho ho Hi! OooOooh. Oh. Huh. Hmmmmmmm. Buh buh (drool) (slobber) Eeeeeoooo.

Siege eh said...

Hah Thanks Kate, but I don't think I could find a guy that fits that profile amongst this crew. Single? for sure! Nice? yeah probably. LDS? I no fink so.

When I got done writing that this (I did it kinda fastly) I realized I have a few ship-terms in there, so I threw in the Legend :)

And my endeavoring to bring my plans to pass were in vain. Too many people have to run it by too many other people if anything's going to happen other than the way they got it set up yesterday, that kind of thing.

Thanks for your input on the situation Jonah, it's much appreciated ^_^