Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday School

This is a proof of how awesome and wonderful the spirit is.
So all this week I've been trying to find enough time to sit down and prepare my Gospel Doctrine, Book of Mormon class. Alas I never did find more than 20 minutes of such time. So I had the very start of a brief lesson planned and as I was packing up my books to go to the chapel and teach the lesson I realised that maybe the Gospel Docrine manual isn't where I'm supposed to be teaching from! So I pulled out my Preach My Gospel and tada! scriptures started popping out all over the pages. So we had a very spirit-filled/guided lesson and I got many thanks for it :)
And also we had a non-member visitor that brother McCreary brought along to learn some of what we do, and because of the non-preparedness of the lesson we were able to incorporate his questions! Awesome!


JoAnn said...

That is SO GREAT. Good job, CJ!

Mac said...

Good job seige. I can't wait for you to be an awesome missionary man.