Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stories of the day

So! today we are in Port Au Prince, Haiti.
there is alot of garbage in the water, we're 3 miles off shore because the water is shallow, so they drive boats and Helos (helicopters) to the land!
there is alot of trash in the water... we were hanging out on the "fan tail"- the deck on the back end of the ship- and a bloated little dog floated past... it was gross.

This morning I almost puked! but not from sea sickness haha. actually the rocking of the ship makes you sleep really well... whether you want to or not, heh. Training meetings can get long sometimes....
oh yeah, my almost spewing story . So there's this LDS guy aboard the ship, Sargent Rix, he's 6' 4" and I'd say his calves are about the size of my waist, just for a reference to how huge he is. He teaches a "spinning" class (fixed excersize bikes) and I just hopped on and started going my normal fast pace! But, as my ski-legs may be in shape enough to run up and down stairs all day, and with all this extra oxygen in my lungs I didn't notice me getting exhausted untill I was quite pukish. so I laid down for a bit and now I'm good :) I think the class being at 0530, and before breakfast, didn't help much.

So that was today!


Jayne said...

Sounds like the time I finished 8th out of 8 in a bike race. Definitely pukish. Not one of my better moments:)

Go eat something, Suze

Siege eh said...

Heh, yeah, like that.
I'ma go to the class again tonight :) but this time I'm bringing water and eating some beforehand